An Investment In Human Potential

You can change students’ lives by supporting the
Community Foundation’s General Scholarship Fund

More and more students need financial assistance to afford the education and training required for today’s careers. We see this need first-hand at the Community Foundation, because our staff manages 69 scholarship funds on behalf of local donors. Last year, these funds brought in nearly 600 applications and awarded nearly $750,000 to 247 students.

While these dollars are changing student’s lives, our collective support still falls short of local needs.Support a student’s education today. 

This flexible pool of funds will offer broad support for exceptional applicants who narrowly miss other opportunities. Students like an actively involved freshman who earned a 3.36 GPA at a rigorous university, while coping with the loss of his father. He carried on, because he wanted to serve as a strong role model for his younger siblings and fulfill his dreams of diversifying the tech industry as a software developer—a field where African Americans are drastically underrepresented.

Let’s ensure that students facing uphill battles can access the best pathways to opportunity. Your gift will help provide $2,500 scholarships to talented local students. More importantly, it will open doors to the knowledge and skills that our future leaders, employees and neighbors need in order to design a brighter tomorrow.

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A letter from our President:

Education is many things to many people. It’s been called a powerful weapon, an equalizer and a pathway to opportunity. All are true.

We know you agree, because we’ve asked. The value of education consistently scores well in southwest Washington. As a region, we understand that higher education opens up opportunities for individuals, and creates greater prosperity for our communities.

Yet flaws in funding and policies are eroding the promise of American education. Today, a child’s academic experience is largely determined by their address, and rising tuition costs are creating barriers to higher education for many hard-working families.

Fixing the education system will take time, but there are students raising their hands in search of answers today. Thankfully, there are immediate responses. We recently launched one of our own. The Community Foundation General Scholarship Fund offers financial support for students who have set their sights on higher education.

Now, we need to answer their call. Please join us by making your personal investment in education and student potential today.

Thank you,

Jennifer M. Rhoads