Let’s tell the tales that speak to our best selves, by sharing what giving brings to life.

The Community Foundation wants to hear how philanthropy has changed lives in our region. By sharing our stories, we seed new ideas, broaden perspectives and discover the things that connect us all.

How to write your story

We put together the following writing prompts to spark inspiration and help you think about your giving story. Use these as inspiration to get you started.

  1. Describe a formative moment that inspired you to give to someone or your community.
  2. Tell us about a moment when you realized how much disparity there is in the world.
  3. Did a pivotal moment transform your perspective on helping others?
  4. Describe someone who inspired you to give or volunteer, and how they influenced you?
  5. Has an act of compassion ever changed your expectations or perceptions of someone?
  6. Has someone ever helped you overcome an obstacle? If so, how did it affect you?
  7. Have you received something unexpected from a charitable act that changed you? If so, describe.
  8. What is the most rewarding gift or act of volunteerism you’ve ever given or received and why?
  9. Has helping or being helped by someone ever formed a bond in your life? If so, share your story.
  10. Has serving others taught you a life lesson? If so, please share.

Submit Your Story

Fill out the form below to submit your giving story. There is no limit to the length of your story. However, concise writing is often more powerful and 300 to 500 words should provide ample space for a good story arc. Submitting your story does not guarantee being featured online, but Giving Out Loud hopes to showcase as many stories as possible from a diverse set of perspectives.

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