Date(s) - Thursday, March 23, 2023
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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GiveBIG Storytelling: How to write content that inspires giving

Tune into this webinar with Allie Rock of Message Lab Media to get a crash course on the importance of weaving story into your GiveBIG campaign. You’ll also hear how to effectively frame the move from Give More 24! to GiveBIG.


What We Will Cover

Community-wide giving days, like GiveBIG and Giving Tuesday, have become a big part of fundraising. But sometimes, nonprofits see those events as a big effort with little reward. This talk will show you how to get better results with new donors and encourage your current donors to further their support.

First, we’ll look at a Giving Day email series and discuss identifying its key messages, strong emotional connections, asks, and organizational values. Then, we will guide you through identifying the right story to resonate with a digital donor audience and who is the right person to tell that story.

With your story idea, we’ll walk through the straightforward steps you need to break the story up and share it over a series of emails, weaving in your organization’s vision, values, and compelling asks.

Finally, we’ll use a worksheet with prompts to practice writing compelling emails with a strong voice for your audience to connect with.


After this workshop you’ll be able to:

– Utilize one compelling story in your digital appeals to elevates key points and inspire giving.
– Use first-person storytelling to build a greater emotional connection with your donors.
– Clearly communicate the transition from Give More 24! to GiveBIG.
– Apply the same methodology to every giving day campaign.

For a complete list of 2023 trainings, visit the GiveBIG Nonprofit Toolkit page.