Granting Guidelines

Recommend grants locally, regionally and nationally to qualified nonprofits, schools, government programs, faith-based organizations and any international charity with a U.S. recipient entity. The Community Foundation does adhere to federal regulations, which disallow granting to individuals — except through a Scholarship Fund — or grants that provide any benefit to a donor or donor advisor.

Examples include:

  • Membership dues
  • Auction items
  • Tickets to charitable functions
  • Priority seating at sporting events
  • Scholarships through a Donor Advised Fund
  • To fulfill personal pledges or obligations*


To make the most efficient use of everyone’s resources, the Community Foundation strongly encourages donor advisors to recommend grants of at least $500 or more. For organizations you support as a board member, you must ensure there is no personal benefit to you or your family. If you have additional questions, your Senior Philanthropic Advisor Anne Digenis is here to help.

* We submit pledge recommendations to our Board of Directors for approval. If approved, the recipient organization is informed that the Community Foundation is making a pledge through your fund.

Advised Grant Recommendations

Grant recommendations from donor advisors are welcome anytime. As always, we are a phone call away, but we also provide the convenience of an online Grant Recommendation Form. Simply sign on to your Donor Central account and complete the form or contact your Senior Philanthropic Advisor, Anne Digenis.

Designated Grant Recommendations

Your fund agreement indicates the charitable organization(s) that will benefit from your generosity. The Foundation follows these intentions, relieving you from the effort of advising grants. For more information, please contact Senior Philanthropic Advisor, Anne Digenis.

Discover Granting Opportunities

We realize that some of our fundholders have abundant knowledge of community needs and are self-directed in their granting. Some use their Donor Central account to discover inspiring grants, while others rely on our expert staff to apprise them of valuable projects and programs.

Call Us To:

  • Learn how to sign on to Donor Central and discover grants.
  • Better understand and address community priorities and needs.
  • Research specific areas of interest and nonprofit organizations.
  • Arrange a site visit to a nonprofit to learn more about its work.
  • Seek our advice on your grantmaking strategies.
  • Involve your family in your philanthropy.
  • Partner with other donors to fund projects you care about.
  • Learn about your complimentary Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington membership.


Add to Your Fund

You can contribute a wide range of assets to grow your fund and possibly provide significant tax benefits. We suggest you call our offices to ensure that these gifts are planned accordingly. However, you may also add to your fund by mailing a check or bringing in cash.

Open Additional Funds

If you are interested in creating a new fund for a different purpose or goal, please contact us today for a consultation. We look forward to discussing how your gift can grow our region’s culture of giving and support your personal goals.

Online Contributions

Contributions to your fund can be made online, but please note that our banking institution assesses a 4% processing fee for online gifts to personal funds. This fee will be deducted from your total gift before being deposited into your fund.