Strategic Grants Distributed in 2023 - $2.4 Million

Community Giving Fund Grants Since Established - $5.9 Million

Value of Community Giving Fund in 2023 - $5.5 Million

Total Grants Since Inception

$311 Million

We Work Together

Our greatest impact is accomplished when working together. The Foundation promotes collective and community philanthropy by encouraging residents to support our vital grant programs with gifts of any size.

How Community Endowments Work

Through generous community support, endowments combine many gifts into a single fund that is then invested with growth as a goal. In the case of the Community Foundation the original gift remains intact and a portion of the investment income generated— ranging from 3 to 5 percent annually —is spent on grantmaking. This “spending rule” allows our annual grant programs to operate and ensure that the endowment fund sees continued growth through reinvestment of earnings and new gifts.

An endowment speaks to the future of a community and the desire of people in the present to make sure that generations are ensured the same or better quality of life. And it renews itself through smart investments and preservation of the principal. This is what makes community endowments future-focused and sustainable. By pooling hundreds of caring citizens gifts into one endowed fund, we ensure that southwest Washington’s greatest needs will find lasting support through the work of effective organizations like those listed below.

Connie and Lee Kearney

“We contribute to the Community Giving Fund because it provides grants to many different nonprofits within southwest Washington. This makes it an excellent way to assist multiple projects and services in our community that have been thoroughly researched to
determine need and merit.”

– Connie & Lee Kearney