Organizational Endowment Funds

Long-term financial sustainability is a big step, even for established nonprofits. Yet the pressure to raise annual dollars often takes precedence and diverts resources away from building an organization’s endowment. That’s why dozens of charitable organizations have chosen to establish organizational endowment funds at the Community Foundation. This solution comes with proven investment management and administrative expertise to help your organization fulfill its goals. Your staff also receives access to our planned giving experts, a branded endowment brochure and online fundraising at www.cfsww.org. Opening an organizational endowment today provides all of this, expands your fundraising spectrum and still allows your staff to remain laser focused on the mission at hand.

Other Services

Aside from creating and growing endowment funds, the Community Foundation also offers customized services to help nonprofits further their missions. We understand the unique relationships you manage with your donors, as well as the back office requirements of operating a sound organization. Make us your trusted confidant and you will see why our nonprofit partnerships grow stronger every year.

Capital Campaign Assistance

Capital campaigns are complex undertakings, requiring a combination of faith and follow-through. We can help you inspire faith in donors and take care of some of the time-consuming administrative tasks. For example, some donors ask an organization to meet a goal before contributing funds. We can hold these gifts, allowing your organization to bolster negotiations with potential donors. All the while, your funds will benefit from our professional investment management. Working with us also brings the ability to accept a wide variety of assets and benefit from our gift planning expertise. Contact us today and let’s start building your vision.

Complex Gift Arrangements

The Community Foundation has the flexibility and knowledge required to accept appreciated stock, real estate and many other complex assets. We can also create a charitable remainder trust, designated fund or other gift arrangement that benefits your organization directly. Facilitating these types of gifts promotes philanthropy, increases the capacity of our nonprofit sector and builds confidence in donors. These are all objectives within the Community Foundation’s larger mission. So, the next time you sit down with a donor who has a unique contribution or arrangement, partner with us and we will make philanthropy happen.