Southwest Washington Impact Investment Fund for Transformation

The SWIIFT Initiative puts your philanthropic capital to work in greater ways than ever before. By providing low-interest loans to high-impact projects and programs, we help scale big visions into real-life impact. These investments can build affordable housing faster and unlock major funding streams to address local needs. As loans are repaid, your charitable assets generate a return that can be reinvested into the community time and time again.

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How SWIIFT Works

Our innovative approach recycles charitable capital to create lasting impact. Here’s how it works:

    • Donors invest in the SWIIFT Initiative
    • Low-interest loans go to nonprofits for high-impact projects
    • Local organizations deliver services and scale programs faster
    • Repaid loans are returned to SWIIFT to be recycled for more good works
    • After 5 years, charitable dollars can be returned to DAF for future grantmaking

Learn How to Invest


Supporting the SWIIFT Initiative means making a meaningful impact while earning financial returns that are channeled toward even more GOOD. Here’s why you should join us.

  • Local Focus: Put your charitable dollars to work through low-interest loans to local organizations addressing critical community needs.
  • Accelerate Impact: Complement traditional grantmaking by providing short-term loans that help organizations move projects forward faster.
  • Charitable Returns: Make an impact and earn returns on your charitable assets, while they are waiting to do good in the community.
  • Sustainable Model: Our revolving loan model ensures continuous impact and reinvestment for transformative change.

Ready to Make An Impact?

Join us in transforming southwest Washington. Here’s how you can get started with the SWIIFT Initiative.

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