A Passion for Place

Places have an untold influence on people. Whether it’s an alma mater or a city that you hold dear, our settings tend to become a part of us.

In that way, they also set us apart. We come to define ourselves through places of worship, hometowns and neighborhoods. Each has a unique set of people, customs and stories that create a sense of belonging and our notion of home.

Some of us may consider a few places home, but one that we all share is southwest Washington. We also share passions for this place. Some of us are stewards of the lush natural surroundings, while others are improving local schools.

At the Community Foundation, we understand the value of these interests. Our organization was founded to help donors and nonprofits turn their values and visions into philanthropic pursuits. For donors, we can create charitable plans and facilitate gifts that support local causes.

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With grantees, we provide grants and trainings that enable them to help our most vulnerable residents find their place in southwest Washington.

Nurturing local philanthropy is a generative process, because when people care enough to invest in a place, that place is better able to care for its residents. Over time, this cycle of reciprocity has made our community exceptional.

We want to keep this spirit alive. So, as you read along, think deeply about how southwest Washington inspires you and how the Community Foundation can support your passion for this incredible place we call home.

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