Strong and Secure

We maintain our status as a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Search our Employer Identification Number (91-1246778) or view our IRS Letter of Determination for verification.

The Community Foundation is committed to financial excellence, which has resulted in favorable opinions from independent auditors. Our internal controls are strong, and our fiscal position is secure. Together, these efforts have allowed us to build our reputation as a trusted steward of community funds. You can find our most recent audits and IRS reporting documentation below.

Donor Advised Fund Service Fees

The Community Foundation makes giving simple and personally fulfilling by managing the investment of your charitable fund and providing fundholders with an array of top-tier philanthropic services. The Community Foundation assesses a sliding-scale service fee on all Donor Advised Funds. This fee helps defray the administrative costs of managing your fund and providing top-tier donor services.

The sliding-scale fee is adjusted at least quarterly for fund balances that have changed.

Fund Balance                                                      Fee Rate
For the first $100,000                                           1.75%
For the next $400,000                                          1.30%
For the next $500,000                                          1.20%
For the next $1 million                                          1.10%
For the next $3 million                                          0.85%
For the next $15 million                                        0.55%
More than $20 million                                           0.35%

Scholarship Fund Service Fees

The Community Foundation assesses a 2% service fee to cover the costs associated with managing a Scholarship Fund, which includes coordinating selection committees, providing professional advice and offering other donor services (minimum fee is $250 per year).

Download our Service Fee Schedule


Investment Management

We pool and invest your charitable assets to ensure that your fund’s balance grows over time. This provides our region, and other important causes that you support, with more philanthropic capital. Our volunteer Investment Committee oversees this responsibility with well over a century of combined investment experience. This knowledgeable group is appointed by our Board of Directors and meets regularly to assess and re-balance our portfolios.

Outsourced CIO

Our sound investment management practices leverage the expertise of Russell Investments. With decades of nonprofit investing focused on foundations, Russell Investments provides our Investment Committee with high-quality advice, techniques, monitoring and reporting. Working with them also allows the Foundation to integrate strategic planning, investment implementation and administration into a custom investment solution that meets the needs of our organization and fundholders.