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Our TransMISSIONS newsletter provides news and stories about Community Foundation grantmaking and other valuable resources for nonprofits serving southwest Washington communities.

Submit a Final Grant Report

By telling us your organization’s grant story you not only improve your chances of receiving future grants, you also help us build a better case for local philanthropy. We use your final grant report to reflect the numbers and accomplishments behind our grants. Then, we tell others about the successes that local organizations like yours achieve with the dollars that we distribute. It’s a win-win, and it all starts when you submit a Final Grant Report. Click the link and tell us your story today!

Connect With Donors

Our fundholders account for nearly two-thirds of our annual granting. Many times, these donors rely on our Philanthropic Advisors for information about local nonprofits. To provide the most current data during donor meetings our Philanthropic Advisors combine their personal knowledge with information from Guidestar. This online resource captures in-depth information about your organization to increase transparency, so click below to update your Guidestar information today.

Promoting Philanthropy

Awarding grants is a significant part of our mission, but so is promoting philanthropy. That’s why we provide the following resources for our grantees. With these guidelines and templates, you can communicate the great work you’re accomplishing through the support of the Community Foundation. In doing so, you also promote the importance of philanthropy to our community. We are committed to spreading this message and hope you’ll join us by downloading and using the logos, tips and templates provided below.