No matter the approach, our spark for giving comes from the values and beliefs we create throughout our lives.

Using these as guides, we translate the world around us and uncover truths that move us to action. While our discoveries might seem to arrive as lightbulb moments, the process of giving is more often a slow reveal, like shafts of sunlight breaking through the clouds.

The more we see, the more we realize there is no single or simple route to creating a vibrant community. Instead, our paths wind off into the horizon and are almost sure to include detours, crossroads, peaks and valleys. Still discovery pushes us forward, toward greater understanding and impact. And through our progress we uncover and learn even more—more needs, more nuance, more humanity.

At the Community Foundation, we see the various ways philanthropy is at work in our region, and we strive to share the many discoveries it provides. You can see it in the stories we tell—stories of people exploring their lives and communities, as well as the organizations and systems that shape them.

In every case, this shared pursuit of philanthropy is a worthy one, because it continues to reveal the incredible ways in which we all make a difference to one another.

Jennifer Rhoads