By: Maury Harris
Carl Butler and his wife Myrtle smiling by the river.

Love shapes our lives in incredible ways. For Carl Butler, the 65 adoring years he spent with his wife Myrtle brought two daughters, an adopted granddaughter and 45 years of operating grocery stores together.

Carl founded the Quick Shop Minit Mart chain, which kept them on the go. But, in 1976 Myrtle was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and Carl hit the brakes to begin planning in-home care.

Carl discovered that support and resources were scarce, so he launched a new venture: the Clark County Alzheimer’s Association. Around the same time, he established a Charitable Remainder Unitrust, which provided them with regular income during their lifetimes and reserved the remaining interest for charitable purposes.

With a strong belief in the benefits of in-home care, Carl built an office in his garage and stayed within earshot of Myrtle for over fifteen years. She passed away in March of 1991 and Carl followed just six months later. The unitrust he created then transferred to the Community Foundation, becoming the organization’s first bequest gift received.

The remaining assets—just over $150,000—established the Butler Endowment Fund. Each year, this endowment generates income and grants a portion to organizations assisting people caring for family members with Alzheimer’s. To date, the Butler’s vision has provided more than $250,000 in caregiver relief and will continue keeping loved ones close by for years to come.


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