By: Anne Digenis

If you’re like me, you probably saw the Internet flooded with local generosity when you signed into your social media accounts on September 24. All the excitement was for Give More 24!, southwest Washington’s 24-hour, online giving marathon. It was the Community Foundation’s second year organizing the event and—in many ways—it nearly doubled in size. That’s because Give More 24! is easy and accessible, putting charitable giving a click away from every donor. And, for those who just don’t think their contributions are significant enough, giving days show that every person and every gift makes a difference. In this case, a $696,311 difference.

Another benefit of Give More 24! is the data that comes with online giving. Our staff has been pouring through the results and discovered some interesting takeaways to share with the community. If you look below, you’ll find an interactive infographic that showcases the outstanding results that came from your hard work and generosity. But the quantitative impact of Give More 24! is only half of the story, but I’ll get to that further down the page. For now, let’s get to the numbers.

For me, the positive vibes that spread across our community during Give More 24! are even more exciting than the numbers, because they show that the act of giving can be just as powerful as the gift itself. Making a local donation means that you care enough to improve causes in our community. And giving with others shows us that many of our neighbors, co-workers and family members feel that same altruistic pull. In this way, giving draws us together.

I saw this first hand at our Give More 24! Lounge when donors and nonprofits came together to cheer each other on and track all the giving activity. This gathering gave me an opportunity to introduce our donors and potential donors to nonprofits that were in the room. Had it not been for our region’s day of local giving, many of these people would have never met each other. Helping to create and nurture those relationships is something I love to do, and Give More 24! is making that happen across southwest Washington.

It is the one community event that generates this level of camaraderie, anticipation and excitement. You can see it in the donors and nonprofits, and it demonstrates the collective good we can create by putting “unity” at the forefront of community.

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About The Author

Anne Digenis

Born in Seattle and raised in Portland, Anne Digenis is a graduate of Clark College and has resided in Vancouver for over 30 years. Anne has been working at the Foundation since 1997, providing ongoing assistance to donors by matching their charitable interests with community needs.