2023 Grants from Field of Interest Funds - $268,302

Percent of Assets in Field of Interest Funds - Less than 1%

Field of Interest Funds Established - 10

Total Grants Since Inception

$311 Million

Support Your Cause

These funds allow you to broadly support charitable purposes like basic needs or economic development. You can also name a more narrow interest such as early learning, or even a geographic area that inspires you. From there, you can choose to advise the Community Foundation through grant recommendations, or relax and let our experienced staff and grant committees fund effective programs and projects that are operating in your chosen area of focus. These funds also offer a great way to honor a loved one’s charitable interests or your own by establishing a lasting legacy.

Field of Interest Funds : Fast Facts

How do I establish a Field of Interest Fund?
We facilitate the fund establishment process with donors and their financial advisors when applicable. Once the details are discussed, it is as simple as signing a fund agreement and transferring the assets.
How are grant awards determined?
Generally, grants are awarded proactively. Our experienced staff will select an organization in the field of interest based on local needs, perform thorough due diligence and then award the grant.
Can a Field of Interest Fund become obsolete?
If a field of interest fund is established to combat a certain issue that ceases to be a concern, our Board of Directors has the ability to identify and grant to charitable causes that align with the donor’s original intent.
Who is the ideal donor for field of interest funds?
These funds are ideal for those interested in addressing needs in a specific area without the added burden of identifying programs and recommending grants. They are also perfect vehicles for individuals and families who wish to leave a legacy of charitable support for a general cause.
How does my fund grow over time?
Your funds are managed according to our investment policy to protect your principal, generate current income and ensure capital growth. You can also invest your fund in partnership with a professional advisor.