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$302 Million

Dedicating Your Life

By making designations for charity in your estate you can create a legacy of giving that lasts forever. The best part about leaving a charitable legacy is that it doesn’t require incredible wealth or a vast estate. It merely takes a generous heart and thoughtful intention to make a significant difference. The Community Foundation is unique in that it provides a number of creative options for giving through your will or trust. You can support pressing needs in southwest Washington by contributing to the Foundation itself, or you can create a personalized charitable fund that honors your wishes and your loved ones. There are many considerations in estate planning, but the Community Foundation makes the process easier by providing tools such as our Suggested Bequest Language to help you and your professional advisor make the best choices for creating lasting community impact.

Fast Facts : Bequest Gifts

Who will receive my legacy?
Any qualified, tax-exempt organization can benefit from your legacy. The Community Foundation, however, has an array of charitable tools that provide the most flexibility in structuring your gift to support both your charitable passions and your family.
When should I structure and fund my legacy?
These questions are best answered by examining your personal circumstances, assets and charitable goals with a professional advisor. The answer is different for each individual, but don't put this important decision off.
How do I ensure that my legacy reflects me and the organizations is support?
The Community Foundation serves as a key resource and guide. Our experienced staff has structured hundreds of gifts and thoroughly understand the local nonprofit sector, which equip us to effectively match your values and interests to desirable organizations and programs.
Do I tell the charity that I've left a gift?
You can choose to remain anonymous or be recognized for your bequest. Charities often like to know in advance so that they can recognize you and use your example to encourage other donors to do the same.
Who can make a legacy gift?
Many are surprised to learn how easy it is to create a lasting legacy. Anyone with a desire to give, even those with modest estates, can create an extraordinary legacy. "Estate" is simply used to describe any number of personal assets, including IRAs, securities, real estate, insurance benefits and cash.
How should I fund my legacy?
The Community Foundation has an array of philanthropic options. Just look at our list of gifts options to get an understanding of the assets you can use to establish your legacy.