Fueling Local Philanthropy

While service and investment fees support the management and investment of your fund, these fees do not cover the other important work of the Community Foundation — building partnerships with nonprofit organizations, incubating new organizations to fill unmet needs and promoting philanthropy. Gifts and commitments to the General Fund support this work immediately and directly. The General Fund provides the resources necessary to sustain the day-to-day activities and basic needs related to our mission. For the Foundation, that includes inspiring philanthropic investments throughout southwest Washington, cultivating and supporting new donors, and providing technical assistance and advice to existing charitable organizations.

Fast Facts : General Fund

What's the difference between the General Fund and the Administrative Endowment?
The General Fund is a pool of readily available, unrestricted dollars that are used as needed to further the Community Foundation's mission. The Administrative Endowment, on the other hand, is a fund that has a principal that the organization has decided to permanently invest in for the long term vision of the organization.
How are General Fund dollars spent?
General Fund dollars are unrestricted and can be used where needs and priorities are greatest. It should be noted that the Fund supplements the general operating budget, including everything from staff salaries to electricity.
Can I designate a specific use for my General Fund gift?
Gifts designated to a specific purpose, not already included in the regular operating budget, are considered "restricted" and are, therefore, not suited for the General Fund.
Why are gifts to the General Fund important?
Your contribution to the General Fund provides our organization with the flexibility and infrastructure needed to build more capacity, thereby ensuring that our team can focus more on the great services and effective programs that drive our mission.
How much should I give?
Only you and your family can decide how much to give. From year to year, you may vary your support based on current circumstances. It is our goal to have everyone participate each year at a level at which they feel comfortable. Every gift at every level counts.
Why should I consider increasing my donation to the Annual Fund from the previous year?
As the cost of living increases each year with inflation, the Annual Fund also increases. If your gift remains the same annually, its impact diminishes with the rate of inflation.