Total Charitable Assets - $387 Million

Total Grants Since Inception

$311 Million

Lifting Up Our Kids

Children adapt and grow with each passing day as infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Their eyes fill with awe and discovery as we hold them, walk with them and talk to them. This age of exploration is a major determinant for their ongoing success in school, the workplace and in life, which is why investments in early learning are some of the best we can make as a community. By coming together we can ensure that every child is cared for and cheered on. Learning and love mean the world to them, but for our community it means better performing schools, increased economic strength and a better educated workforce. For these reasons, the Community Foundation is committed to lifting up our region’s children through quality early learning programs.

Fast Facts : Early Learning Impact Fund

What is the Early Learning Impact Fund?
The Early Learning Impact Fund is an expendable field of interest fund dedicated to supporting the widespread adoption and improvement of early learning programs in southwest Washington.
Why is early learning important?
The majority of human brain development occurs within our first five years of life. This growth window makes early learning one of the best charitable investments we can make.
How can I make a gift?
You can contribute cash, stock, real estate, life insurance, and even more to the Early Learning Impact Fund. If you wish to make a cash gift, simply click to donate above. Otherwise, call us today at 360.694.2550.
How are grants awarded?
Grants are awarded proactively by Community Foundation staff members after we identify programs that align with the purpose of the fund and perform thorough due diligence.