Total Charitable Assets - $387 Million

Total Grants Since Inception

$311 Million

Future Champions of Philanthropy

This program engages local youth leaders in philanthropy by immersing them in grantmaking decisions and processes. It is an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to serve as governance architects, fund developers and grant committee members, as they distribute funds to local organizations that address the needs of local youth. Each year, an amazing group of students defines their purpose and focus for granting, establishes review criteria and selects grant recipients. Along the way, they poll their peers, volunteer at several nonprofits and conduct eye-opening site visits. The result: a newfound understanding of what need truly means and how many ways we can be of help.

Fast Facts : Youth Philanthropy

What are the dates for Youth Philanthropy sessions?
The Youth Philanthropy program begins in October every year and concludes in June.
How will Youth Philanthropy participants be selected?
The Community Foundation selects Youth Philanthropy participants based on their leadership background, passion for service, availability and character references.
What am I obligated to do if selected?
Individually, participants are required to complete a community service project, but group work requires attendance at regular meetings, community research, volunteerism and participation in strategic grant making.
What is the cost and who can apply?
There is no cost to get involved in Youth Philanthropy, but you must live within Clark County and be enrolled as a junior or senior in high school.
Where does Youth Philanthropy meet and is transportation provided?
At this time, students are required to find their own transportation to meetings. These are often held at the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington office, but will occasionally take place at local nonprofits.