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…during Give More 24!

Think back to September 19th, 2019. You opened your phone, ready to check Facebook and see for yourself what the online world had to share. Or you were firing up Instagram, ready with your scrolling thumbs to see your friends’ updates on your. Maybe you were hesitant, knowing that your news feed isn’t always the happiest place to visit.  

But to your surprise, your app refreshed and you saw…a giving day takeover! Nonprofits you follow were sharing stories of how you could make a difference. Stories about life-changing programs — programs that needed dollars to continue and grow. Friends were sharing how nonprofits have changed their lives and how you could join the cause. Everyone was reminding you about the importance of this one day. Inspiration was everywhere, and even a few goats too. 

Our Community’s Giving Day

Volunteers serving ice cream at Give More 24! event.

Whether you learned about Give More 24! through social media, your favorite local radio station or an article by The Columbian or The Daily News, one message was clear: September 19th was a day meant for giving back. 

Thousands did just that, making Give More 24! a record-breaking success. In total, 4,397 individuals supported local nonprofits serving southwest Washington, marking the largest  increase in donors since the event’s second year. With the help of this generous group, 169 organizations were able to raise $1.68 MILLION. Give More 24! showed us that reaching a monumental goal is easier when we work together.

Here’s Proof 

Nonprofits worked with other nonprofits to host events around town. Volunteers stepped up to help nonprofits spread the word about our region’s biggest giving day. Friends asked friends to help by making a donation. Families brought their dancing shoes and rallied at the Give More 24! kickoff event. Local leaders joined the fun by throwing doughnuts at each other. Donut believe me? Here’s proof: Whether you experienced Give More 24! in person or online, the ask was simple: make a gift and help nonprofits win match dollars and prizes. With $19,000 in prizes and almost $700,000 in matching funds, there was a lot at stake. But the beauty of this giving event is that donors don’t have to be millionaires to make a difference. As $5, $10 and $15 donations were tallied at GiveMore24.org, nonprofit staffers and volunteers saw their goals inch closer within reach.  

Smiling woman looking at her cell phone.BeCause… 

Whatever the “BeCause”, thousands played their part in raising a staggering $1.68 million in 24 hours. Donors who provided match dollars, or companies that became event sponsors. Those giving across our three-county region, and those who gave from one of 44 different states!  

Give More 24! brought neighbors, friends, families, coworkers and even strangers together to give back to our region’s nonprofits. Why, you may ask? BeCause amazing things happen when we give together 

Relive the good vibes all over again by watching our 2019 Thank You video below or dig into the numbers in our full 2019 recap.


Don’t miss out on next year’s news feed takeover! Give More 24! is coming back on September 24, 2020. Sign up for updates here or add the event to your calendar below!

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