Donor Advised Funds Established - 145

Percent of Assets in Donor Advised Funds - 72.7%

2023 Grants from Donor Advised Funds - $16.8 Million

Total Grants Since Inception

$311 Million

Your Charitable Giving Account

Simplify your charitable giving by establishing an account specifically for your philanthropy. A donor advised fund is as flexible and unique as you and your family. Tailored to your needs, it allows you to be active in grantmaking, make contributions at any time, receive immediate tax deductions, grow the fund’s principal tax-free and grant on a schedule that works for you or your family. If you support a number of causes or have considered establishing a private foundation, you should strongly consider this type of fund as a strategic, hassle-free and inexpensive vehicle for your giving.

Donor Advised Funds : Fast Facts

What type of charities can I make grant recommendations to?
Fund advisors can recommend grants as long as they have a sufficient balance in their fund and can recommend grants to support any verified 501(c)(3) public charity operating locally, nationally, or internationally. After our review and approval, we make the grants in your fund’s name.
How does this type of fund simplify my giving?
By managing all your giving through a donor advised fund, you limit tracking and filing charitable receipts to just one from the Community Foundation. It also serves as a ready instrument to receive bequests.
How do I set up a donor advised fund?
Setting up a donor advised fund is easy and can be done within 24 hours. Simply select a name for your fund, sign a fund agreement and contribute at least $10,000 to get started.
How does my principal grow over time?
Your funds are managed according to our investment policy to protect your principal, generate current income and ensure capital growth. You can also invest your fund in partnership with a professional advisor.
How do I make a grant from my fund?
Appointed fund advisors can submit grant recommendations online via DonorCentral or in person. The Foundation then ensures you are granting to a qualified nonprofit in sound standing, prepares grant award letters and checks, and provides you with written confirmation of your grant awards.
Do grants have to be made every year?
No. Unlike a private foundation, grants do not have to be made annually, nor does a minimum percentage need to be granted. Although we encourage advisors to give in order to ensure that the charitable intent of the fund is accomplished.