Overall Scholarship Dollars Awarded - $6.9 Million

Scholarship Funds Established - 71

Assets in Scholarship Funds - $ 12.2 Million

Total Grants Since Inception

$311 Million

Gifted Learners

Scholarship funds can be customized to represent your values, areas of interest or even an alma mater. They can be designed to memorialize someone special, or – in other cases – individuals, families and business can define educational values important to them. Some donors choose to stay involved as advisors or as members of a scholarship committee, while others name committees to assist in selecting recipients. Either way, our staff will handle the necessary paperwork and ensure that the increasingly expensive dream of continuing education is made more accessible for hard-working students every year.

Fast Facts : Scholarship Applicants

Can the donor specify the requirements for selection?
Yes. Our staff assists you in developing meaningful selection criteria, whether that involves awarding to particular schools, geographic areas or fields of study. You can even specify service activities, leadership development and financial need.
Must students maintain good academic standing to continue receiving scholarship funds?
Yes. But, if they fall short of the required criteria, the funds for the next semester will still be awarded on a probationary basis. And if a student fails to meet the standards in consecutive semesters, the scholarship remainder will be returned to the fund.
Do scholarship funds only support college students?
No. Donors have the power to set up a scholarship fund for any educational purpose, beginning in early childhood education and spanning through higher education or adult continuing education. Scholarships can also be awarded to students pursuing a vocational or technical certificate.
Can I meet the scholarship recipients I support?
Yes. We would love to create this connection. Simply contact our office at 360.694.2550 and ask to speak to our Scholarship Manager.
Must scholarship funds have a selection committee?
Yes. To qualify as a scholarship, there must be a selection committee of at least three individuals to review all applications and select award recipients based on a competitive process with established criteria. Committees are approved and managed by the Community Foundation.
Can the donor designate committee members?
We typically honor a fundholder's request to name individuals, or specific professional positions, to serve on their selection committee. Contact our staff for more information about our policy at 360.694.2550.